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Samasta aiheesta löytyy juttua mm. täältä:

Täällä joku suomainen on maininnut laittaneensa autoonsa N47 imuputken missä ei ole mitään kammioita. Onko sen sopivuudesta parempaa tietoa?
edit. swedujen ketjussa on maininta että osa 13717810745 joka on N47 imuputki passaa paikoilleen.

Last month when I talked to BMW, 4 cars were inside that day. And today we are 2 pieces. And then we are in a relatively small workshop Sweden measured by size.

I have a 2016 f31 that we have changed turbo on every winter since the purchase, of which one winter it has been changed twice. I can not say that I can link any particular situation with the garage or not to the whistling occurs but it simply seems to be the cold that is the problem. The car has now rolled over 12 000 km and I have not yet paid anything for the replacement, which I thank the workshops in Umeå and Luleå for.
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